1, service telephone hotline

The 0086-574-62829056 +86(0)18958335056 service hotline will be opened to answer customers' problems in actual operation at any time and ensure the customers' reliable guarantee.

2. Adhere to the principle of service

1) take the initiative to deal with the problem in time.

2) to respond positively to the useful advice of the user.

3) handle customers' incoming calls in time and take care of their customers everywhere.

4) regular feedback of user quality information, actual quality feedback card and quality tracking card system.

5) handling quality disputes according to law.

3 and return visit system

1) call back. After installation and commissioning, we will return to visit each other within seven working days to find out the service quality and listen to the customers' opinions.

2) return to the field. Our dispatched commissioners visit the customers regularly from all parts of the country to understand the actual use of machine tools and the quality of after-sales service.

4. The specific content of the service

(1), the machine tool warranty period starts from the date of acceptance.

Warranty period: free service. If a factor or natural disaster causes losses, the cost shall be charged as appropriate.

Warranty outside: life-long service. Our warranty will provide free technical assistance and provide customers with paid maintenance services, including troubleshooting and replacement of original parts. The cost of parts replacement is charged, while the related labor costs are negotiated by both sides.

(2), after service content

1) after service response time, service personnel within 24 hours within the province, service personnel within 48 hours outside the province, special circumstances confirmed by the two sides.

2) the after-sales service personnel carry the "on-site service report", which is signed and confirmed by the relevant responsible persons of the customer, and the service content and service attitude are evaluated.

3) after acceptance, the customer fails to fulfill the contract in accordance with the terms of the contract payment. Ningbo Hengfeng CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has the right to refuse to make after-sales service.

(3), service institutions

1) technology and after-sales service headquarters

Location: 20, Yuyao, Zhejiang

Tel: 0086-574-62829056 +86(0)18958335056 Fax: 0086-574-62830559

Function: responsible for customer maintenance. After answering the telephone, coordinate professional internal maintenance personnel for on-site service at the first time.

2) technical and after-sale service complaint center

Phone: 0086-574-62829050 0086-574-62827685

Function: supervise the service quality of the after sales service personnel and after sales service department in the actual work.

We are very grateful to your company for the purchase of our products. In order to ensure that the products we provide have high performance and long-term reliable operation, we will provide perfect after-sales service.