HF-KZA Movable Beam Type CNC Gantry Drilling Machine

The machine tool is a movable beam type CNC gantry drilling machine with a fixed working platform, a column that can be moved forward and backward, and a main shaft ram that can be raised and lowered. The machine is equipped with a powerful drilling head with a ram on the girder. The machine tool has a high rigidity gantry frame and is suitable for drilling and tapping large and heavy ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. The standard NC system of this machine tool is "wide or new generation" system. Applicable to manufacturing industries such as drilling of connecting plates and floor plates in steel structures, iron towers, bridges, boiler heat exchangers, and machining industries.

The machine tool consists of the following main components: bed, worktable, gantry beam, ram lifting mechanism, ram, precision spindle head, lubricating oil road, cooling system, rail protection device, machine tool electrical equipment, drainer, random accessories, etc. composition.