HF-KLXG Series High Speed Gantry Machining Center

The base adopts the box structure and solid wall thickness combined with ribs to form a flutes to strengthen the static rigidity and dynamic accuracy of the machine base.

The beam adopts the box type and stepped structure design, and has the best anti-bending moment of inertia to ensure the static stiffness and the best dynamic accuracy performance of the machine in the Y-axis and Z-axis.

The worktable is designed with an independent closed double deck structure. The bottom is fitted with a high-rigidity roller slider and guide rail with the best spacing.

The column adopts the box structure design to replace the general hollow column.

The unique stepped support design of the saddle has the advantages of high strength and high stability.

The spindle box adopts an optimized rectangular scale design, and the interior is designed with a circular rib plate in the middle spacing layer.