HF-KWX Series CNC Horizontal Milling Machine

The machine is mainly composed of a base, a workbench, a column, a column base, a column carriage, a spindle milling head, an electronic control controller, a half mask gold, a two-axis rolling chip machine, an oil lubrication part, and a screw motor. The machine adopts a powerful T-bed structure. The column part adopts a movable column type double wall structure. The milling head and the column structure adopt a central inline combination to increase the stability and avoid lateral wear and deformation. The major parts are cast in high-strength gray cast iron and resin sands, and are treated by integrated annealing, natural aging and high-frequency vibration aging. They have high rigidity, high stability, and long-lasting non-deformation effects. They can withstand heavy cutting. The machine has excellent stability and long service life.