2012 China Changchun machine tool and Mould Exhibition, thirteenth

Publish: 2012-04-16

  Since the first held in 1999, the Changchun machine tool and Mould Exhibition in Northeast China has successfully held 12 sessions. With the "12th Five-Year plan", in 2012, the track traffic, the automobile and energy field will be developed emphatically. The northeast is the old industrial base of our country, Changchun is the world famous Automobile City and the rail passenger. The car and the base of energy generation will lead to the great development and demand of the machine tool industry. The "thirteenth CNC machine tool and metal processing Exhibition" in Northeast Changchun has become a professional grand meeting with high reputation in Northeast China. It is not only a bridge for the enterprises to open up the Northeast market, but also to consolidate the marketing front of the brand enterprise, Tui Guangpin. A good time for the brand image. In 2012, "the thirteenth northeastern Changchun CNC machine tool and metal processing Exhibition" will continue the previous resplendence, deepen the close cooperation with the related industry associations, organize a powerful lineup to participate in the exhibition, visit, further enhance the professional quality and internationalization of the exhibition.