Under the New Normal Milling Machine Industry Transformation and Upgrade to Industry Common Sizing

Publish: 2015-03-14

[China Machine Tool Business Network Market Analysis] China's economic development has entered a new normal, the milling machine industry must also get rid of the reliance on scale expansion development model, take the road of transformation and upgrading and sustainable development, industry enterprises should also accelerate the breakthrough of core technologies and promote the industry Enter a continuous, rational and stable growth phase.

Faced with the tightening of domestic manufacturing investment and the economic downturn leading to pressures for the development of the machine tool industry, China's milling tool industry has seen a trend of negative profit growth and weakened corporate profitability. At the same time, the growth rate of production and sales across the industry has also declined significantly.

In addition to being affected by the macroeconomic situation, the imbalance between the industrial capacity structure and the market demand structure is also an important reason. In the past 10 years, the domestic market demand has continued to flourish, driving the rapid development of the milling machine industry, and a variety of investments have entered in large quantities, resulting in a large number of companies and serious product homogeneity.

Some milling companies have implemented large-scale technological transformation and capacity expansion, but most of the funds have been invested in hardware such as factory buildings and equipment, while the investment in technological infrastructure, in-depth technology research, and innovation ability training have been insufficient.

In addition, as the market demand grows, users place greater demands on the ability of milling machine manufacturers to provide total solutions, as well as automation and productivity. However, China's middle-to-high-end milling machines still have a large gap with industrialized countries in terms of performance, quality, reliability, service, and brand influence.

Milling machine manufacturing is more urgent than ever. The steps of product structure adjustment are started almost simultaneously in various domestic milling machine manufacturers. Adapting and responding to market demands as quickly as possible in the new situation is the common aspiration of these companies.

Facing the new market situation, the milling machine industry must take the initiative to accelerate industrial restructuring and take the initiative to eliminate low-value-added backward products. Enterprises should also insist on improving the market competitiveness of medium and high-end products as one of the core goals of transformation and upgrading, and accelerate the breakthrough of core technologies. The product accuracy is truly recognized by users in terms of maintainability, stability, reliability, etc. In particular, through accelerating the industrialization and commercialization of technological innovation results, the domestic high-end milling machine is completely resolved from the “important” like the imported milling machine. The issue has driven the industry into a continuous, rational and stable growth phase.