Shenyang Machine Tool intends to realize the interconnection of 20,000 intelligent machine tools within 3 years

Publish: 2015-03-14

【Machine Tool Business Network Online Enterprise】Shenyang Machine Tool Group Chairman Guan Xiyou recently held a group news release. The i5 new intelligent machine tool equipped with all self-developed technology was launched last year. The order sales exceeded 2,000 units in the previous year. Zhejiang regional users purchased repeatedly. The rate reached 64%. In January of this year, the i5 intelligent machine tool orders broke hundreds of orders, and the five-axis intelligent machine tool will achieve mass production this year. In the next three years, Shenyang Machine Tool will realize the interconnection of 20,000 i5 intelligent machine tools.

Under the background of the sluggish machine tool market worldwide, the sales of i5 intelligent machine tools have risen against the trend. Guan Xiyou believes that it depends on the model innovation of Shenyang Machine Tool in terms of financing services, U2U model, replacement and upgrade, and operator community. To this end, Shenyang Machine Tool based on the i5 intelligent numerical control system and i5 intelligent machine tool as the carrier launched the i5 strategy, which is a set of financial tools, processing solutions, new machine sales, machine tool rental, and machine tool remanufacturing all around the machine tool product. Life cycle industrial service transformation. The intelligent industrial engineering and service network platform has been initially completed.

It is reported that at present, the research and development efforts of Shenyang Machine Tool focus on the breakthrough of high-end CNC machine tools and their key functional components. From simple technical research and development to tracking national construction requirements, the company has focused on key technologies. The numerical control rate of its machine tools has been raised to 75%, reaching the highest level in history. point. The products manufactured and manufactured are developing toward mid-to-high-end CNC machine tools and major CNC machine tools. The service sector is expanding into key industries such as aerospace, defense industry, shipbuilding, energy, and emerging industries such as electronics.

In terms of machine tool marketing, at present, Shenyang Machine Tools has established 35 franchise sales centers, special service centers (“4S” stores) and 33 distribution centers in major cities in China to provide customers with product display, sales, and accessories. Service, technical service as one of the services. Form a comprehensive sales network covering all segments of China's industry, refine the region, and approach users. In terms of overseas marketing, Shenyang Machine Tools has established sales and service centers in Germany, Turkey, the United States, Canada and other countries, initially forming an international marketing service system with the United States and Germany as its core regions. The European cluster has initially completed the selection of 40 agents and distributors in 24 countries and improved the marketing network layout.

In addition, benefiting from the good performance of the capital market with a cumulative increase of over 140% in market value in 2014, Shenyang Machine Tool was selected as a representative company of high-end equipment manufacturing and was selected as a sample stock of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Strategic Emerging Industry Series Index.