2017 twentieth Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition

Publish: 2017-06-29

2017 20th Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition

Time: August 2-6, 2017 Venue: Qingdao International Expo Center

2017 Jinnuo Machine Tool Show: Shenyang Machine Tool Show, September 1-5, (Qingdao Machine Tool Show, August 2-6), Ningbo Machine Tool Show, May 19-22, Jinan Machine Tool Show, February 25-27

Organizer: Noble Group

Co-organized by: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Machinery Industry Branch, China Electromechanical Product Circulation Association

China Mechanical and Electrical Products Distribution Association Machine Tools Branch

Undertaker: Qingdao Jinnuo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Beijing Jinnuo Exhibition Co., Ltd.

JNMTE Jinnuo Machine Tool Exhibition has experienced more than ten years of market grinding. Now it has developed into a well-known brand exhibition in China's machine tool industry. It is held annually in key locations in the nation's machine tool industry, including Jinan, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Ningbo and Qingdao. Inside and outside the thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of professional users set up a platform for procurement negotiations, technical exchanges.

Intelligent Flexibility Internetization

The theme of the 20th Qingdao International Machine Tool Show of JM2017 is: Intelligentized Flexibility Internetization;

Set up seven exhibition halls, 75,000 square meters exhibition area;

More than 750 companies are expected to exhibit; over 100,000 professional visitors come to visit and negotiate.

Bohai Bay First Machine Tool Show


Installation time: July 29-August 1, 2017 Exhibition time: August 2-6, 2017

Dismantling time: August 6, 2017 14:00 Venue: Qingdao International Expo Center (No. 7-1, 2nd Hot Spring Road, Jimo)

Exhibition Review

The total exhibition area of the last exhibition was 65,000 square meters. 524 exhibitors from home and abroad participated in the exhibition. The industry forum and related activities were held in 12 games. The five-day exhibition period ushered in 76,574 professional visitors and set a new record high.

Representative exhibitors

Siemens, Fanuc, Yamazaki Mazak, Otsuka, Jinshang, Doosan, Harding, Youjia, Fuyu, Sodick, Lai Chi, Kitaichi, Yaskawa Shougang, Stuttgart, Guangzhou CNC, Guangzhou Kaifan, Sandvi Ke, Mitsubishi, Seco, Walter, Sampoong, Shanggong, Handan, Dali, Gaofeng, Ruitie, Shenyang Machine Tools, Dalian Machine Tools, Yonghua, Haitian Precision, Trumpf, Jin Fangyuan, Baidu Di, Han, Pentium Chutian, Huagong, Hongshan, Xun Radium, Radium, Yawei, Yangli, Yang Forging

User representative

Heavy truck, Weichai, Shifeng, Wuzheng, Beiqi Foton, Foton Lovol, Qingte, Tianrun crankshaft, Bohai Pistons, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Trek, Yantai resort, Longkou Haimeng, Jinan Qingqi, Shanghai GM East Yue, Sifang Locomotive, Wei-Ou Rail, Haier, Hisense, Aucma, GE Energy, etc.

Exhibitor business opportunities

The new growth point of China's economy - the integration of the Bohai Bay region with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region - is China's third economic development engine following the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. It will become the frontier for China's development in the next 20 years.

China, Japan, and Korea are the largest economies in East Asia. Shandong is adjacent to Japan and South Korea. Qingdao is the bridgehead for Shandong’s economic development and China’s second largest foreign trade port; Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines in Southeast Asia are important exports of China’s machine tool companies. country. The 20th Qingdao International Machine Tool Fair in 2017 will continue to focus on China, Japan and South Korea and Southeast Asian countries to invite international buyers to visit and purchase, and to increase the proportion of international exhibition participation.

Exhibition Highlights The 20th Qingdao International Machine Tool Show at JM2017 will host more than 20 concurrent events:

China Industrial Robot Summit Forum

China Manufacturing Internet Conference

Smart Manufacturing Dialogue Industry 4.0 Summit Forum

China Auto Parts Manufacturing Technology Summit Forum

China Aero Engine Manufacturing Technology Summit Forum

China's Advanced Rushing Technology and Equipment Seminar

Mother machine section machine tool buy activity

 Machine Tool Exhibition and Beer Culture Creative Activities


Invites world-renowned industrial robot companies, experts in high-end equipment manufacturing, Internet cafes, aeroengines and automotive manufacturing engineers and related personnel to share and discuss, is expected to attract from automotive manufacturing, aerospace, defense and military, agricultural equipment, engineering More than 3,000 elites at home and abroad participated in the manufacturing industries such as machinery and heavy machinery. Leading the development of the industry.

"Double 11" in the machine tool industry--Machine Tool Group-purchasing activity of the parent machine section is a real special promotional event organized by Jinnuo Machine Tool Show and Online Shopping Mall (Nuozhan Shopping Mall), attracting more buyers to participate in group purchase and promotion Live transaction.

Exhibition scope

Metal cutting, laser machining systems, metal forming, functional component tool attachments, mechanical automation and industrial robots.

Welcome to the booth of Ningbo Hengfeng CNC Machine Co., Ltd.:

S1 C79

The exhibition exhibited by our company has:

HF-KSC series CNC double-sided milling Machine

HF-KJLX Series CNC Precision Gantry Milling Machine

HF-GDX Series High Speed Face Milling Machine