End mill operator site name and method of operation

Publish: 2016-12-14

Face Milling operation is the main table location
There are essentially two key points: the worktable manually feeds paper in portrait, landscape, and vertical directions
Vertical and artificial feed, vertical handle manually. When clutching each feed through the two handles of the manual, shake the handle, move the table so that the manual feeds with the feed in the direction of the feed (the handle, the bench or the rise; the counterclockwise rotation of the shaking handle, the table back or drop, this It is clockwise. The stroke of the handle should be consistent and the speed of the feed should be appropriate). Dial 120 squares with equal vertical and horizontal perimeters, around the dial, table 6 M, each turn, and a space of 0.05 mm for each table. The vertical dial is a round part 40, turn each table up (or down) 2 mm, each round, the table rises (or falls) of a space 0.05 mm
Thread pull rods and nuts ask gaps, skateboards will make air travel (has been rotated screw driven skateboards, skateboards and NAM creation) When handles shake their heads and cannot return directly to the desired line, they should hand out and turn back, and then Shake again to the desired line. Vertical, horizontal and vertical movement feeding operations
Face Milling sheet vertical, horizontal, vertical motor feed handles are double handles. The vertical movement is moved into the handle with three positions, that is "right", and "turn left into", and "stop", the handle of the pull handle, the handle pointing to the table moves horizontally and vertically into the table and into Operated by the same handle, the handle has 5 positions, which are "Go in", "Go in" and "In", and "Go down", and "Stop". Pull the start handle, which points in the direction of the table feed.
Above the handle, connected to a corresponding electrical switch is connected to the motor, the motor is forward or reverse, the end milling machine table Barclays motor feeds motion in one direction. Can only be connected to one of the handles during operation, but it cannot be connected to both at the same time.