What are the performance features of gantry milling machines?

Publish: 2016-12-06

Functional features:
Gantry Milling Machine has the characteristics of satisfactory rigidity, high efficiency, easy handling, simple layout and comprehensive functions.
Its detailed features depend on the variety, type, and manufacturer, and it has a strong connection with the selected technology. Take the SK series three-axis numerical control gantry milling mentioned earlier as an example, its function is characterized by:
1.Vertical milling head equipped with TX400 heavy-duty gantry milling head, double rectangular guideway, strong rigidity;
2. Milling head mounted ball screw, pneumatic broaching device, servo motor driven;
3. The side milling head is equipped with V5 gantry milling head, equipped with independent lubrication equipment, and the lifting and lowering is driven by the general reducer, with frequency conversion speed regulation;
4. General Milling/CNC Milling A one-touch conversion of three-axis CNC system, which can be programmed and can be operated manually by using the expansion panel. It is extremely robust during the internship machining process;
5. The bed is advanced and retreated, the cross beam is up and down, and the vertical milling head is equipped with Taiwan ball screw, which is driven by servo motor;
6. With American Martin company timing belt, synchronous wheel;
7. Hand-held electronic handwheel unit, lunch three-axis knife;
8. Common cross beam lifting safety chain equipment to ensure the repeatability of the machine;
9. Bench-mounted trochoidal pump units are continuously lubricated with low failure rate.