Gantry Milling Machine Accuracy and Productivity

Publish: 2016-11-30
The gantry milling machine includes a bed, a work bench mounted on the bed, and a numerical control circuit control system. The gantry frame is arranged above the table across the activity table. The gantry frame also includes: a gantry carriage, and the gantry carriage plate is clamped on the X-axis guide. Z-axis guide, installed on the gantry. The cross beam is equipped with a Z-axis drag plate, and the cross beam is movable and clamped on the Z-axis guide rail through the Z-axis drag plate, and a Y-axis guide rail is also installed on the cross beam.
The milling device and the milling machine of the gantry milling machine are installed on the Y-axis guide so that the gantry is under the control of the control system of the numerical control circuit to perform the three-dimensional space milling of X, Y and Z axes. The CNC milling machine has high-precision milling, drilling, boring, cutting and other operations.
The gantry milling machine is a horizontal milling machine created by American Whitney in 1818; in order to mill the spiral groove of the twist drill, American Brown created the first universal milling machine in 1862, which is the prototype of the lifting table milling machine; around 1884 A gantry milling machine emerged again; in the 20th century, a semi-automatic milling machine appeared, and the worktable used the stopper to complete the automatic conversion of "feed-rate" or "rate-feed".
Milling machine with gantry frame and long horizontal bed. Gantry milling machines have high processing accuracy and productivity, and are suitable for machining large-scale workpieces in planes and slopes in mass production and mass production. CNC Gantry Milling Machines can also machine curved surfaces and some special parts. The portal milling machine consists of a column and a top beam to form a portal frame. The beam can move up and down along the two column guides. There are 1 to 2 milling heads with vertical spindles on the crossbeam, which can be moved laterally along the crosshead rails. Two milling heads with horizontal spindles can also be mounted on the two columns, respectively, which can be moved up and down along the column guides. These milling heads can process several surfaces at the same time. Each milling head has a separate motor, transmission mechanism, operating mechanism and spindle components. During processing, the workpiece is mounted on a table and then moved longitudinally. The total weight of large-sized portal milling machines amounts to 850 tons. There are some variants of the portal milling machine to suit different processing objects. 1 gantry milling boring machine: The beam is equipped with a milling and boring milling boring head, the spindle can be used for axial motor feed and there are movement fine-tuning devices, fine-tuning speed can be as low as 5 mm / min. 2 Bridge Gantry Milling Machines: Worktables and workpieces do not move during machining, but are moved by a gantry. Its characteristics are small footprint, large carrying capacity, gantry stroke of up to 20 meters, easy processing or special heavy workpiece shape similar to the planer, the difference is that its beam and the column is not equipped with a planer knife but with A milling head with a spindle head, and the reciprocating motion of the longitudinal table of the portal milling machine is not the main movement but the feed movement, and the rotary motion of the milling cutter is the main movement.