High efficiency, easy operation, simple structure

Publish: 2016-11-24
The face milling machine has sufficient rigidity, high efficiency, easy operation, simple structure, and comprehensive performance characteristics. Gantry milling machine is suitable for all kinds of machinery in horizontal, vertical or inclined plane slot milling, boring and milling heads of large ferrous metal or non-ferrous metal parts can also be bored and drilling and according to user needs, and to undertake various types of processing and Various improvements in manufacturing. Includes bed-end milling, table mounted on the bed and CNC control system. The X-axis portal milling machine bed is equipped with a guide, and the portal milling machine table is secured across the bed. Activities across the cable crane above the table, the gantry also includes: gantry transport, clamp on x-axis gantry tray activity guide. The Z-axis guide is installed on the portal. Beams, beams are fitted with z-transports, guided beam mounted on the y-axis by z-axis carriages equipped with z-axis guide beam activities. Milling device is the three-axis milling of X, Y, Z in the three-dimensional space controlled by the gantry milling machine and the gantry CNC control system.